Share disposal

Cambria Solutions Group Holdings would like to meet you if your business is viable and ongoing and if you or your board of director are looking to sell your business.

This does not necessarily mean that your business is making a huge profit, or for that matter any profit at all. What it does mean is that if you honestly consider that with the right management backing and financial investment, the business has a good chance of success into the future.

We would be interested in speaking to you whether you wish to dispose of all the shares in your company or alternatively, if you are looking for an investment whilst retaining a personal interest in it.

The majority of directors that we speak to appear to want to remain with their business, even if this is for only a limited period of time. This is OK with us and would form part of our overall negotiations with you.

A caring attitude

Every take over has its fair share of problems, particularly with existing staff. Our humane approach, coupled with a very highly qualified and experienced H.R. stress management director, will enable all members of staff to rest assured that their personal situation will be assessed in the fairest and most equitable way possible; thereby allowing the best possible outcome to the takeover.