An alternative to insolvency

We at Cambria understand from experience that there is nothing worse than staring into the barrel of insolvency when you have a company that by all intents and purposes is founded on good, solid business principles. Most companies that fail do so because their overheads outstrip their income. The business may well have a very good turnover but running costs are killing the business.

When a business is set up it is mostly done so for two reasons. Either (a) The investor(s) want to earn a wage from the business or (b) The investor(s) stake the business with the intention of receiving a return on investment.

In the case of (a) the company is usually set up by a person or persons that work in the business full time and as the business grows they add staff, premises and other overheads in the hope of expanding the business. Often the result of the expansion creates financial overheads that impact negatively on the company's ability to make a profit.

In the case of (b) the investor(s) put money into the business in the expectation of a good return on the money that they have invested. These types of businesses are usually operated on a day to day basis by remunerated staff that have, apart from a wage, no stake in the company. The lack of on-the-spot control can lead to a lack of proper financial control by personnel that have, in the main, a self-only interest in the business.

If your company falls into either of the two categories outlined above, then Cambria Solutions Group Holdings may have the answer to your problem.